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Pigeon Bottle & Nipple Brush

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Giá sản phẩm: 7,95 AUD   130.921 ₫
Giá gốc: 10,49 AUD   172.750 ₫
Phí vận chuyển quốc tế (Dự tính): 17.950 ₫
Phí dịch vụ: 6.546 ₫
Tổng tiền: 155.417 ₫
Số lượng
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Thông tin sản phẩm

Product Description & Features

Pigeon 2 in 1 Bottle and Nipple Brush effectively cleans bottles, teats and accessories.

  • An easy-grip handle.
  • Separate brushes for bottles and teats.
  • Proven efficacy for at least 10,000 brush strokes.
  • Use on both slim and wide neck bottles.


  • Handle: Polypropylene
  • Shaft: Polypropylene copolymer
  • Bristle: Quality graded nylon
  • Wire: Stainless steel

Directions For Use

Put Pigeon Liquid Cleanser or other detergent onto the bristle ends of the brushes. Insert the bottle brush into your bottles, add water and rotate to clean the inside. Do the same for the teat brush, but ensure you place your finger on the outside of the teat to protect the delicate tip.

Warnings and Disclaimers

Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct heat and high temperature. Keep dry when not in use. Nylon bristles may cause minor scratches on plastic bottles.

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