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Panadol Extra with Optizorb Paracetamol Pain Relief Caplets 80

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General Information

Panadol Extra are capsule-shaped tablets ideal for fast and effective pain relief.

What this medicine is used for:
Fast effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort associated with:
- Migraine headache.
- Period pain.
- Muscular aches.
- Toothache.
- Headache/tension headache.
- Arthritis/osteoarthritis.
- Cold & flu symptoms.
- Sore throat.

Reduces fever.

Size: 80 Caplets


Do not use Panadol Extra:
- If you are allergic to paracetamol, caffeine or any of the ingredients in this product.
- If using other medicines containing paracetamol or caffeine.
- For children below age 12.
- For more than 48 hours for children aged 12-17 except on medical advice.
- For more than a few days at a time in adults except on medical advice.
- If pregnant except on medical advice.
- If any of the seals on this packaging are broken.
- If the package use-by date has expired.
- Until you read the enclosed leaflet carefully.

Ask a doctor before use:
- If you have liver or kidney problems.
- If you are taking warfarin (a medicine used to thin the blood).
- If you are breastfeeding.

Stop use and see your doctor immediately if you have an allergic skin reaction, shortness of breath or wheezing after taking Panadol.


Limit the use of caffeine-containing products (including tea and coffee) when taking these caplets. One dose of Panadol Extra contains 130mg of caffeine - this is about 2 cups of instant coffee. Caffeine may cause sleeplessness if it is taken within several hours before going to bed.

Pharmacy medicine. Keep out of reach of children.


Does not contain gluten, lactose or sugar.


If an overdose is taken or suspected, ring the Poisons Information Centre (AUST: 13 11 26; NZ: 0800 764 766) or go to the hospital immediately even if you feel well because of the risk of delayed, serious liver damage if left untreated.


Active Ingredients: Each caplet contains Paracetamol 500mg and Caffeine 65mg.

Contains: Contains hydroxybenzoates as preservatives.

Allergen Free From: Gluten| Lactose| Sugar


12 years-adult: Take 2 caplets every 4-6 hours with water as required (maximum 8 caplets in 24 hours).


Keep to the recommended dose.

2 way safety seal system. Use only if seals are intact.
- Carton safety seals.
- Heat sealed blister.


Store below 25°C.

Storage Temperature: Below 25°C.

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