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Oli6 Stage 3 Dairy Goat Milk Formula Toddler 800g

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General Information

Stage 3 - From 12 months - 36 months. It is designed to provide key nutrients for toddlers.

Oli6® Goat Milk Toddler Drink is for toddlers one year and older. Oli6® Toddler milk contains prebiotic Oligos. The product provides nutrition to assist with growth and development for children between the ages of 1 and 3. Oli6® has a unique blend of beneficial prebiotics, probiotics oligos and vitamins.

Suitable For: Toddlers 1-3 years

Product Claims: Oli 6 contains a natural probiotic The natural prebiotics found in Oli6 naturally aid gut health and digestion.

Boxed Contents: Powder

Size: 800g

Serving Size: 165 ml when prepared as instructed

Servings Per Pack: approximately 36


• Oli6® is a leading scientifically researched formulation with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, oligos, vitamins A, B, C, Zinc and DHA.
• Oli 6 contains a natural probiotic The natural prebiotics found in Oli6 naturally aid gut health and digestion.
• Oli6® contains natural prebiotics oligosaccharides. There are up to six times the amount of natural prebiotic oligos in goats milk when compared to cows milk.
• Oli 6 contains a natural probiotic BB536 which is scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. This natural probiotic suppresses inflammatory responses and enhances intestinal barrier function.
• Algae sourced DHA
• Prebiotic oligosacchirides
• Vitamins A and D
• Zinc and Vitamin C


Follow instructions exactly.
Do not use if the foil seal is broken.
Allergens: This product contains milk and milk ingredients.


Goat milk solids (51%), lactose, vegetable oils (including soybean), DHA Powder, minerals (calcium carbonate, ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide), oligosaccharides (2'-O-fucosyllactose, lacto-N-neotetraose), vitamins (C, E, niacin, A, D3, B12, folic acid, B1, B6, B2), lutein.

Allergen Contains: Milk


Feed immediately and discard any of the unfinished drink.

Storage Temperature: Cool, dry conditions away from direct heat sources.


Recyclable tin, lid and scoop

Recyclable Packaging?: Yes

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