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Manicare 411 Corn Plane Blades 5 Pack

(14 đánh giá)
Giá sản phẩm: 4,69 AUD   78.736 ₫
Giá gốc: 6,99 AUD   117.349 ₫
Phí vận chuyển quốc tế (Dự tính): 54.897 ₫
Phí dịch vụ: 3.937 ₫
Tổng tiền: 137.570 ₫
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Thông tin sản phẩm

General Information

Replacement stainless steel blades for the removal of corns & callouses

To be used in the Manicare Corn Plane to assist in the removal of corns & callouses.


Take extreme care when handling blade. Dispose of blades carefully. Keep out of reach of children.


For removal of dead, dry skin only. To change blades:
- Grip the side of the slider firmly with your thumb and forefinger.
- Pull down towards handle to release & remove old blade.
- Insert new blade on the slider.
- Grip the sides of the slider firmly with two fingers. Insert the slide-way on the handle through the metal tab & push the tab up with your thumb.
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