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Macleans Milk Teeth Kids Soft Toothbrush

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General Information

Macleans Milk Teeth Toothbrush is specially designed by dental experts for children 0-3 years to help clean all surfaces of those precious first teeth.


Macleans Milk Teeth Toothbrush is specially designed by dental experts:

- Multi-angled soft bristles to surround each teeth

- Easy grip handle to help you brush

- Soft bristles help reduce the risk of damage to gums

Flexible neck bends to absorb excess pressure from brushing

Gentle on Gums, Flex Zone.

Your child's teeth are not just practice teeth. They hold the spaces for their adult teeth waiting in the gums.

Suitable For: 0-3 years children

Boxed Contents: 1 Toothbrush

Size: 1 Toothbrush


Excessive bending may break the neck of the toothbrush.


It is recommended that toothbrushes are replaced every 3 months.


Start using as soon as your baby's first tooth emerges.
Children under 6 years should be supervised during brushing.
Do not allow your child to chew bristles or the toothbrush.

Recyclable Packaging?: Yes

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