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Tã lót Huggies Ultimate Size 3 6-11kg Jumbo 72 miếng

Bán tại Australia
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Giá sản phẩm: 31 AUD   502.355 ₫
Giá gốc: 39 AUD   631.995 ₫
Phí vận chuyển quốc tế (Dự tính): Đang cập nhật
Phí dịch vụ: 25.118 ₫
Tổng tiền: 527.473 ₫
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General Information

Huggies Ultimate Nappies are our best care for skin. Every liner is wrapped^ in plant-derived materials sourced from renewable sugarcane.

Boxed Contents: Boys & Girls Size 3 (6-11kg) 72 Nappies

Size: 72 Pack


• plant-derived liner wrap^ from renewable sources
We line every nappy with plant-detrived materials sourced from renewable sugarcane.
^comprises ~50% of nappy line
• no added nasties*
Crafted with simply the best - no added formaldehyde, elemental chlorine or natural rubber latex.
*No added formaldehyde, elemental chlorine, natural rubber latex or other chemicals restricted by Kimberly-Clark - see www.huggies.com.au/noaddednasties
• HUGGIES overnight leakage protection
Up to 12 hours of leakage protection and silk-soft side shields to help prevent leaks.
• skin-loving softness
From its ultra-soft outer cover to its soft & stretchy waistband, our softest nappy ensures a comfortable & secure fit.
• our driest Renewably sourced plant-derived liner wrap^ quickly absorbs wetness, leaving baby's skin drier.
• our most breathable
BREATHE DRY technology allows air to circulate around baby's skin and is clinically proven to help prevent rash.
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