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Heinz Custard with Banana Pouch 120g 6m+

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General Information

Treat your little one with Heinz® Little Treats Banana Custard. Creating Food Explorers® with a range of delicious treats, this banana custard is easy to take on the go or enjoy at home.

Our Little Treats Heinz® Banana Custard is delicious as an occasional treat for little Food Explorers®. This banana custard is made with no artificial colours or flavours, and can be enjoyed warm or cold, depending on your little one's preferences. Simply empty the pouch into a bowl and serve with a spoon, or place the pouch into hot water to heat before serving.

Suitable For: 6+ months

Product Claims: No preservatives. No artificial flavours. No artificial colours.

Size: 120g

Flavour: Banana Custard Baby Food Pouch 6+ months

Serving Size: 60g

Servings Per Pack: 2

Serving Suggestion: Simple squeeze into a bowl or onto a spoon and serve. To serve warm, place pouch in bowl of hot water until warm. Prior to serving, shake gently to evenly distribute heat.


• Smooth banana custard
• For little explorers aged 6+ months
• Contains no artificial colours or flavours
• Can be served warm or cold
• Made with no preservatives


Full Cream Milk (57%), Water, Sugar, Cornflour, Banana Purée (3.8%), Unsalted Butter (from Milk), Natural Banana Flavour, Natural Vanilla Flavour. Sweetened.

Allergen Contains: Milk


After heating, always test temperature before serving to baby.
Any uneaten or remaining heated baby food must be disposed of after feeding. Heinz does not recommend feeding directly from the pouch.

If pouch is damaged or looks unusually inflated, do not feed product to your baby.


Once opened, store in the fridge below 4°C and enjoy within 48 hours.
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